Summary guidelines for Physics PIs:


PIs (experimental physics research) need to update the following ANNUALLY:

  1. Check and revise chemical inventory (which is to be kept on file in the lab and also uploaded to EH&S). Use the PI web interface accessible from here:

  2. Register lab personnel (including postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students) with EH&S. Lab personnel can be registered on the PI web interface.

  3. Update your Lab-Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and have it available in the lab, either on file or electronically. Template is provided (

  4. Remind students to complete ALL safety training and fill out safety training log (see information for students for specific training requirements). The PI should also establish their lab-specific additional training which also need be documented. Each lab member needs to fill out a form (such as acknowledging their training, which the PI must keep on file. The PIs are encouraged to check the completion of all required training modules by their personnel using the PI web interface via the EH&S website.

  5. Ensure hazardous waste is stored and labeled properly in lab. Use this document for reference:
  6. Complete lab self-assessment form ( and keep it on file. The lab self-assessment form should be updated and reviewed on at least a yearly basis.

  7. Complete the acknowledgement of laboratory safety requirements form (prompted by the EH&S via email), in which the PI certifies online that the personnel training, chemical inventory, and other requirements are fulfilled and everything is current.  Once completed, the PI will receive a communication from the EH&S acknowledging the submission, which should be kept on file.

  8. Fix any problems found by EH&S inspection within 30 days and submit the report on complying with the EH&S requirements to the EH&S via the PI web interface.

  9. Submit for the departmental record:

  • Filled out lab self-assessment form
  • A copy of the email acknowledging the submission of the lab safety requirements form (see point #7 above) by the EH&S with the date.
  • If available, the EH&S inspection report for the current year, with comments on when and how the identified issues were corrected