Research Seminar
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 09:00 to 10:00
Weniger 304
Event Speaker: 
Dr. Colin Wallace, Center for Astronomy Education (CAE), Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
Local Contact: 
Corinne Manogue

In this informal seminar, I will discuss my short-term and long-term plans for research in physics and astronomy education research, especially with regards to work I envision conducting at Oregon State. These plans include research into commonly taught physics and astronomy topics for which we currently have little research in students’ conceptual, quantitative, and/or learning difficulties. Additionally, I will expand the research base on 1) the effectiveness and abilities of instructors to implement research-validated instructional activities, and 2) the long-term effects of transformed educational experiences on students . These efforts will compliment the professional development activities (for undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and faculty) that I am currently involved with through my collaborations with colleagues at the Center for Astronomy Education (CAE). This seminar should be very interactive, with numerous opportunities to exchange ideas about future collaborations.