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Faculty members
Name Position Phone Room Weniger E-mail CV
Bannon, David Instructor 737-8962 411
Craig, David Associate Department Head, Professor of Practice 737-4789 309
DeAngelis, Fred Lab Manager, Senior Instructor I 737-1712 315
Dray, Tevian Adjunct Professor 737-5159 Kidd298A CV
Eddy, Christopher Postdoc 110
Emigh, Paul Instructor 737-1880 359A
Gire, Elizabeth Associate Professor 737-1692 499
Graham, Matt Associate Professor 737-4386 375 CV
Hadley, Kathryn Instructor 737-4312 373
Herman, Greg Adjunct Professor 737-2496
Jansen, Henri Associate Dean,Professor 737-4645 403 CV
Keszler, Douglas Adjunct Distinguished Professor 737-6736
Kornilovich, Pavel Courtesy Faculty
Lazzati, Davide Professor, Department Head 737-1242 301 CV
Lee, Yun-Shik Head Graduate Adviser, Professor 737-5057 415 CV
Manogue, Corinne Professor 737-1695 493 CV
McIntyre, David Professor, Head Undergraduate Advisor 737-1696 311 CV
Milstein, Randall Senior Instructor I
Minot, Ethan Professor 737-9671 417 CV
Ostroverkhova, Oksana Professor 737-1679 413 CV
Qiu, Weihong Associate Professor 737-4377 371 CV
Richard Wagner Instructor
Roundy, David Associate Professor 737-1701 401B CV
Schellman, Heidi Professor 737-1668 301 CV
Schneider, Guenter Associate Professor 737-1706 401A CV
Siemens, Xavier Professor 737-7512 367
Stetz, Albert Emeritus Professor 737-3254 387
Sun, Bo Associate Professor 737-8203 415A CV
Tate, Janet Distinguished Professor 737-1700 485 CV
Thatcher, Evan Instructor 141
Tom Carrico Instructor
Tumblin, Rebecka Instructor 737-8962 411
van Zee, Emily Courtesy Faculty CV
Walsh, KC Senior Instructor II 332B CV
Wolbers, Stephen Courtesy Faculty