Monday, October 21, 2019 - 16:00
Event Speaker: 
Ethan Minot
Local Contact: 
Heidi Schellman

Electrons confined to one-dimensional (1d) materials offer fascinating opportunities for applications and fundamental studies. Our group uses individually-contacted carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as a model experimental system to investigate these electrons dancing on strings. I will discuss application areas including sensors, quantum light sources, transistors, and photovoltaics. The unique features of CNTs include sensors that detect single electrons, light-emitting diodes that emit single photons on demand, band gaps that are driven by tunable Coulomb interactions, and photovoltaic devices with extraordinary quantum efficiency. Beyond our application-driven research, we also explore the fundamental realm. I will discuss measurements of quantum interference effects, and the compressibility of "electron crystals" that form at low temperature and low electron density.

Refreshments will be offered half an hour before the colloquium in Weniger 379