We are still trying to get a formal College wide policy in place for dealing with graduate student sick leave.

Here is a summary of what we know now. As before things work much better if you can help your instructor find someone to replace you. The big change is that your replacement will be paid and, if you take sick leave, you will not need to make it up to them. So, if you are sick, don't tough it out!!! take your sick leave!!! Due to the delay in formulating this policy you already have several months worth of accrual available to you. But we'd appreciate your help if you can try to identify a good replacement and inform Kelly Carter and your lead instructor. If you cannot identify a replacement, please tell Kelly and your instructor so that they can find someone. If you are so sick you can't even inform anyone, we'll figure something out but will need you to tell us that you took the leave. You should talk to your lead instructor for specifics on how one deals with this for each class. So, in practice, things will work pretty much as they have before, with things going most smoothly if you have an identified replacement. The change is that your replacement will get paid at an hourly rate (set by University wide policy) and you are not on the hook for makeup time unless you fail to take the sick leave on your time sheet. See http://hr.oregonstate.edu/student-employment for the detailed information in the University wide policy.

NOTE: The sick leave time sheet is only for leave and substitution work. If you are performing hourly work for the department, your hours should go on a separate time sheet that Kelly Carter can set up for you.