Instructions for accessing required ethical training on the CITI website

(Adapted from Engineering instructions)
B. Register as a new user by clicking on the white “Register” box near the upper right-hand corner of CITI’s homepage.
C. Complete the seven-step, online CITI-Learner Registration process
Step 1: Enter “Oregon State University” in the box where you are asked to “Select Your Organization Affiliation”
Step 2: Enter your personal information being sure to use your e-mail address. This way OSU will pay all of your course fees for any training you take on the CITI website. Do not use a personal e-mail or you will be charged for the courses you complete.
Steps 3-7 are self-explanatory.
D. Log into your CITI account.
E. Upon login, choose the dropdown menu item listed as “Oregon State University Course.”
F. Under the heading, “My Learner Tools for Oregon State University” choose “Add a Course.”
G. Answer Questions 1-3 and Question 6 as “Not at this time,” leave Question 4 unanswered, and choose the physical science option “Physical Science” for your answer to Question 5, Responsible Conduct of Research, and hit the Submit button at the bottom of the curriculum selection form.
H. Now a course entitled “Physical Science Responsible Conduct of Research Course” should be listed in your Oregon State University Courses dropdown, click on the title of the course.
I. Click on the “Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement before beginning this course” box.
J. Read and agree to the assurance statement and other for accessing CITI Program materials and submit the form.
K. Complete the seven modules within the RCR for Engineers course.
  • Each module will take 5-30 minutes to complete
  • You need not complete all modules in one sitting
L. Upon completion of the entire course you will see a message that tells you that a completion report has been sent to Oregon State University. That report goes to OSU’s Office Research Integrity. Physics does not receive a copy of the report.  Therefore, please print a copy of your completion report (that shows your scores) to Kelly Carter in 301 Weniger and post a scan/photo to the Physics 607 Canvas site.