To all students who need to take PH 211 and cannot get in: as you have noticed the course is full, because we are out of laboratory space. This also happened in the last few years, and we were able to resolve most problems by the end of the first week of classes, but this year the number of students who need to get in is larger than ever.

We have already warned advisers about the problem in Fall term. We do not have the resources (equipment, personnel) and space to add duplicate laboratory sessions. Because of the larger number of students involved, this year we do not give any overrides. Your options are:

  • Keep watching for openings. Students do drop their registration, and openings do come up. Traditionally, and in particular in the first week of classes, a number of students will drop the course. This also means that if you try to change your registration, you will probably not be able to get back in!
  • Take PH 211 in Summer, and continue the normal sequence in Fall. This year it is an eight week course, and we will have sufficient space.
  • Take PH 211 in Fall, and continue this trailer sequence. Pre-engineering students will still be able to fulfill their physics requirements for entry into pro-school this way in a timely fashion.

We apologize for not having a more satisfactory answer. Unfortunately, this is not a case with an easy solution.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
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