* indicates that teaching Credit is given  
328 renovation Gire, Liz
328 renovation Manogue, Corinne
328 renovation Roundy, David
328 renovation  Schellman, Heidi
Advisory Committee elected AY2018-AY2019  TBA
Advisory Committee elected AY2019-AY2020 Minot, Ethan
Assessment Grad Lee, Yun-Shik
Assessment ungrad Craig, David
Associate Chair Craig, David
Awards and Honors  
Awards and Honors Hadley, Kathy
Awards and Honors Jansen, Henri
Awards and Honors Minot, Ethan
Awards and Honors Tate, Janet (Chair) 
Building matters Schellman, Heidi
College P+T McIntyre, David 
College P+T Tate, Janet
Colloquium Lazzati, Davide (CHAIR)
Colloquium McIntyre, David
Colloquium Schneider, Guenter
Colloquium Sun, Bo
Colloquium  Gire, Liz
Communications Seminar* Minot, Ethan
Comprehensive Exam  
Comprehensive Exam Craig, David
Comprehensive Exam McIntyre, David
Comprehensive Exam Roundy, David (Chair)
Comprehensive Exam Schneider, Guenter (Fall and Spring)
Comprehensive Exam Siemens, Xavier
Computing matters Roundy, David
Discovery Days DeAngelis, Fred
eCampus Craig, David (ex-officio)
eCampus Hadley, Kathy
eCampus Schellman Heidi (ex-officio)
eCampus* Thatcher, Evan
eCampus* Walsh, KC 
First year experience* Manogue, Corinne
Graduate Admissions Graham, Matt
Graduate Admissions Lazzati, Davide
Graduate Admissions Lee, Yun-Shik (ex-officio)
Graduate Admissions Ostroverkhova, Oksana (CHAIR)
Graduate Admissions Qiu, Weihong
Graduate Course Group Craig, David
Graduate Course Group Graham, Matt
Graduate Course Group Lazzati, Davide
Graduate Course Group Lee, Yun-Shik (CHAIR)
Graduate Course Group Ostroverkhova, Oksana
Graduate Course Group QIu, Weihong
Graduate Course Group Schneider, Guenter
Graduate Head Adviser Lee, Yun-Shik
Graduate Recruitment Graham, Matt
Graduate Recruitment Qiu, Weihong
GRE prep* Sun, Bo
Head Undergraduate Advisor McIntyre, David
Hiring Craig, David
Learning Assistants (20X) Walsh, KC 
Learning Assistants (21X traditional) Hadley, Kathy
Learning Assistants (21X) Emigh, Paul
Lower Division Course Group Craig, David
Lower Division Course Group DeAngelis, Fred
Lower Division Course Group Emigh, Paul (CHAIR)
Lower Division Course Group Hadley, Kathy
Lower Division Course Group Milstein, Randy
Lower Division Course Group Siemens, Xavier
Lower Division Course Group Thatcher, Evan
Lower Division Course Group Walsh, KC
Newsletter Ostroverkhova, Oksana
On Leave  
Orals Lunch Roundy, David 
Outreach DeAngelis, Fred
Outreach Milstein, Randy
Outreach   Graham, Matt
Outreach consultant Thatcher, Evan
Outreach Coordinator Siemens, Xavier (Chair) 
Paradigms supervision Manogue, Corinne
PER coordination committee Gire, Liz (CHAIR)
PER coordination committee Walsh, KC
Physicists for Inclusion in Science PhIS Tate, Janet
Promotion and Tenure Jansen, Henri
Promotion and Tenure Lazzati, Davide 
Promotion and Tenure Lee, Yun-Shik
Promotion and Tenure Manogue, Corinne
Promotion and Tenure McIntyre, David
Promotion and Tenure Minot, Ethan
Promotion and Tenure Roundy, David
Promotion and Tenure Schneider, Guenter
Promotion and Tenure Siemens, Xavier
Promotion and Tenure Walsh, KC
RA Awards Lee, Yun-Shik
Research Seminar* Schellman, Heidi
Safety Minot, Ethan
Shop DeAngelis, Fred
Shop Schellman, Heidi
Shop training arrangement Minot, Ethan
SPS Advisor Gire, Liz
SSO Seminar 1 Fall McIntyre, David
SSO Seminar 1 Fall Siemens, Xavier
SSO Seminar 2 Winter Graham, Matt
SSO Seminar 2 Winter Sun, Bo
SSO Seminar 3 Spring Schneider, Guenter
SSO Seminar 3 Spring Tate, Janet
TA Assignments Craig, David
TA Assignments DeAngelis, Fred
TA Assignments Schellman, Heidi
TA Award Lee, Yun-Shik
TA Evaluation Schellman, Heidi
TA Seminar* Deangelis, Fred
TA Seminar* (Fall) Jansen, Henri
TA Supervision Schellman, Heidi
Teaching Seminar* Jansen, Henri
UG Labs DeAngelis, Fred (Chair)
Undergraduate Recruitment Jansen, Henri
Undergraduate Recruitment Schellman, Heidi
Upper Division Course Group Craig, David
Upper Division Course Group Gire, Liz
Upper Division Course Group Graham, Matt
Upper Division Course Group Lazzati, Davide
Upper Division Course Group Manogue, Corinne (CHAIR)
Upper Division Course Group Minot, Ethan
Upper Division Course Group Qiu, Weihong
Upper Division Course Group Roundy, David
Upper Division Course Group Schneider, Guenter
Upper Division Course Group Sun, Bo
Upper Division Course Group  McIntyre, David
Web admin matters Sun, Bo
WIC coordinator* Minot, Ethan