Ph.D. Path


The first thing you need to do is fill out your program of study, here(Word or PDF). An example of a program of study can be found below.

Next, you need to form a committee. This should be 3 professors, that does not include your PI, and a Graduate Council Representative(GCR). To find a GCR use this site.

For the program of study meeting, it does not need to be scheduled with the Graduate school. However, you do need to submit this form to Kelly in the physics office and this form when the meeting is complete.

On the day of your committee meeting make sure to bring the program meeting checklist for the GCR to fill out. This is an important form for you as well as it lists the guide lines for filling out your program of study. Things like, do you have 36 credits of Thesis planed  (Note: you do NOT have to have complete the classes at the time of this meeting. You are just telling the grad school what you plan on doing) or not having more than 15 credits of blanket courses. A blanket course is any course that is 50X or 60X such as colloquium. This does not mean that you can't take more than 15 credits, simply that anything past 15 won't count to your degree.

After the meeting, take the completed program of study and the program meeting checklist to the graduate department. It is recommended that you have a photocopy of everything saved for yourself, in case something gets lost.