PH423 Energy & Entropy


The schedule is tentative and will change as the course progresses. Check back frequently.

Week Day Topic Quiz/HW
5 Fri 10/27 Introduction  
6 Mon 10/30 Math Bits: Zapping with D  
  Tue 10/31 Math Bits: Variables, Representations, and the Partial Derivative Machine  
  Wed 11/1 Math Bits: dU and Integration HW 1 due
  Thu 11/2 Math Bits: Partial Derivatives  
  Fri 11/3 Math Bits: Derivatives, Integrals, and Cycles HW 2 due
7 Mon 11/6 Ice Calorimetry Lab  
  Tue 11/7 Concepts: temperature, equilibrium, system, environment, state, state variables, process, energy, heat, equation of state. Quiz 1
  Wed 11/8 First Law, Second Law HW 3 due
  Thu 11/9 quasistatic process, work, thermodynamic identity  
  Fri 11/10 Holiday, no class  
8 Mon 11/13 continued, heat capacity HW 4 due
  Tue 11/14 Entropy while expanding a gas activity Quiz 2
  Wed 11/15 Integrating work, p-V diagram, heat and S-T diagram HW 5 due
  Thu 11/16 Heat engines, Carnot cycle, Carnot efficiency Simple cycle activity  
  Fri 11/17 Thermodynamic potentials, Maxwell relations HW 6 due
9 Mon 11/20 Probability and Combinatorics  
  Tue 11/21 Microcanonical Ensemble Quiz 3
  Wed 11/22 Canonical Ensemble, partition function HW 7 due
  Thu 11/23 Holiday, no class  
  Fri 11/24 Holiday, no class  
10 Mon 11/27 Canonical Ensemble, continued  
  Tue 11/28 Energy of a gas of diatomic molecules Quiz 4
  Wed 11/29 Energy of a gas of diatomic molecules, cont. HW 8 due
  Thu 11/30 Random walks  
  Fri 12/1 Review HW 9 due
Finals Wed 12/6 Final Exam, noon-2:00pm, Weniger 212