Review session

The review session for 2013 will be Sunday 1pm in 304 Weniger (the day before the exam).


In 2013 the final will be offered at two time slots to accommodate everyone:

  • Monday, Week 6, at 12noon in 377 Weniger
  • Monday, Week 6, at 2pm in 377 Weniger

The final is closed book except for an important exception: You will be allowed a “cheat sheet”. You are allowed to use a calculator, but the exam will be doable without a calculator.

A cheat sheet is a 8.5”x11” piece of paper on which you write any information you think will be useful for the final. Only write on one side of the paper (leave the other side blank).

Examples of things you might write down: - the value of Plank's constant - the charge of the electron - an expression of the degeneracy of Landau levels - the conductance of a one dimensional channel - an expression for density of states in 1d, 2d and 3d etc.

Think about what you put on your cheat sheet, use the space wisely.