PH632: Electromagnetic Theory II


M 1/4Snow day No class
W 1/6Comp exam No class
1F 1/8Biot-Savart day1_2016.pdf: Illustration that electric and magnetic fields are “the same thing”, what you call it depends on your reference frame. How to find B generated by J by considering the differential equation curlB = u0J hw1
2M 1/11 day2_2016.pdf: Current density created by the motion of a charge distribution. Current restricted to thin sheet or thin wire.
3W 1/13 day3_2016.pdf: Relationship be current density and particle flux. Application of Biot-Savart law, infinitely long straight wire.
F 1/15Physics Conference No class hw1soln_2016.pdf
M 1/18MLK HOLIDAY No class
4W 1/20 day4_2016.pdf: Special geometries where Ampere's law can be used. Begin calculating magnetic field far away from a current loop. hw2
5F 1/22 day5_2016.pdf: The field generated by a magnetic dipole.hw2soln_2016.pdf
6M 1/25 day6_2016.pdf: General expression for magnetic dipole moment. Magnetic dipole moment associated with electron spin. hw3
7W 1/27 day7_2016.pdf: Superimposing the fields from millions of magnetic dipoles.
8F 1/29 day8_2015.pdf: Bound current density, J_b, and bound sheet current, K_b, of magnetized objects. Apply to a solid cylinder and an infinite slab.hw3soln_2016.pdf
9M 2/1 day9_2015.pdf: Linear paramagnetic materials. Linear diamagnetic materials. Using the H-field to find a self-consistent solution for M. hw4
10W 2/3 day10_2016.pdf: After finding H, determine M and B. Levitating diamagnetic materials. Frog video. Note about superconductors. Extra material: Quantum mechanical explanation of diamagnetism.
F 2/5review for midterm popquizpacket_day1to10.pdf, practice_question.pdf hw4soln_2016.pdf
M 2/8MIDTERM midterm_winter_2016.pdf
11W 2/10 day11_2016.pdf: Add time-dependent terms to Maxwell's equations. Discuss dB/dt term and the relationship to Faraday's law. The explanation behind Faraday's law depends on reference frame (Lorentz force vs. curlE). Define EMF.
12F 2/12 day12_2016.pdf: Calculating the E-field “generated” by dB/dt. This time-dependent E-field “generates” a small correction to the original B(t) - but we can usually neglect this small correction. Introduce the concept of inductance.
13M 2/15 day13_2016.pdf: Calculate inductance of a solenoid. It takes work to get current flowing in a loop. Two expressions for the work done (equivalent to energy stored). Discuss the dE/dt term (displacement current density) in Maxwell's Eqns. hw5
14W 2/17 day14_2016.pdf: Time dependent Maxwell equations in matter. Rather than keep track of millions of elementary charges, use P and M. dP/dt is equivalent to a current density. Define displacement current as dD/dt.
15F 2/19 day15_2016.pdf: Electromagnetic plane waves. Looking for general solutions where E and B are self-sustaining in a vacuum. Relationship between k and w. Relationship between E and B. Visualizing plane waves. Phase velocity.hw5soln_2016.pdf
16M 2/22 day16_2016.pdf: EM plane polarization and propagation direction. EM plane waves carry energy. hw6
17W 2/24 day17_2016.pdf: EM plane waves in materials. Dispersion relation (first introduction). Definition of refractive index. Frequency dependence of dielectric constant (first introduction). Plane waves at the boundary between 2 materials. Deriving boundary conditions.
18F 2/26 day18_2016.pdf: Fresnel equations. Start with normal incidence. Check that incoming energy flux equals outgoing energy flux. Introduce Fresnel equations for non-zero angle of incidence. Demonstration with a laser pointer and a very full glass of water. hw6soln_2016.pdf
19M 3/1 day19_2016.pdf: Reflectance and Transmittance. R + T = 1. Combined reflectance from two interfaces (without interference effects). Snell's Law. Reflectance vs. angle of incidence. The etymology of s and p polarization. Applications of Brewster's angle.hw7
20W 3/3 day20_2016.pdf: The Lorentz Oscillator Model. Explaining the frequency dependence of refractive index in materials. Explaining rainbows.
21F 3/5 day21_2016.pdf: Finish discussion of rainbows. Wave equation inside conducting material. hw7soln_2016.pdf
22M 3/8 day22_2016.pdf: Solution to wave equation inside conducting material. Decaying exponential envelop. Analogy with waves on a tensioned string when damping term is added. Skin depth. Complex index of refraction. hw8ph632y16c.pdf
23W 3/10 day23_2016.pdf: Refractive index and extinction coefficient. The optical conductivity of “non-conducting” materials - relationship to absorption by quantum mechanical transitions. The frequency-dependent optical conductivity of a free-electron gas (Drude model).
24F 3/12Review popquizpack_day11to23.pdf hw8soln_2016.pdf

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