Communications Seminar

In Spring 2017 the seminar is taught by Prof. Ethan Minot.

The seminar is held on Fridays at 1pm in the Yunker Library

1 4/7Ethan presents basic suggestions for your talk
24/14 Mike presentsScientific writing assignment due
34/21 Mitchell and Chris present
44/28 Student presentation, discuss postersposter assignment due
55/5 Dissect resumesResume assignment due
65/12 McKensie Presents,
75/19 Tyler presents
85/26 Kelby presents
96/2 Final presentations: Tyler, Mitchell, Mike
106/9 Final presentations: McKensie, Kelby, (Chris?)

* Additional ideas - networking, elevator talks, outreach, job interviews, grant writing.

Course Outline

Reason for course

You need to be ready for the orals exam presentation, the orals exam blackboard questions, giving posters and presentations at conferences, authorship of journal articles and a PhD thesis and a resume for future employers.

More broadly, the job of a graduate research assistant is >70% communication but we never officially teach you how.

  • 1/3: Receiving communications from others, understanding what has been done before
  • 1/3: Designing and executing new experiments/theory (typically involves team work)
  • 1/3: Communicating your results

The take-home message

Iterative improvements via test audiences is THE critical process in developing good writing and speaking skills.