PH 575 Introduction to Solid State Physics, Spring 2018

  • Instructor: (Spring 2018) Prof. Ethan Minot, Office: Weniger 417. Office hours Tuesdays 1-3pm and by appointment.
  • TA: (Spring 2018) Mitchell Senger
  • Textbook: See course information
  • Class Meetings: MWF 3.00pm - 3.50pm, Weniger 304

Week 1

Day TopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 4/2No class
Wed 4/4No class
1Fri 4/6Atomic orbitalsDay 1 Notes. Advertisement for solid state physics intro_presentation2017.pdf. Set up key questions: How electrons are distributed in space, energy and momentum. Starting point: Atomic orbitals of hydrogen atom.Complex number practice

Week 2

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
2Mon 4/9Atomic orbitalsDay 2 Notes. Use the R_nl and Y_lm functions to construct hydrogen atom wavefunctions. Practice visualizing wavefunctions quiz_1.pdf. Discuss patterns underlying the different wavefuctions.hw1
3Wed 4/11Hybrid orbitalsDay 3 Notes. Importance of hybridization in solid state physics. Superposition of degenerate wavefunctions still satisfies the S. Eqn. Examples: Making 2px, 2pz etc. using the standard atomic orbitals. quiz_3.pdf
4Fri 4/13Dirac Notation Day 4 Notes. quiz question. Introduction to Dirac notation and vector notation. hw1 solutions

Week 3

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
5Mon 4/16Molecular orbitals Day 5 Notes, quiz_5_2018.pdf. Simple example of a molecular orbital for H2+. hw2
6Wed 4/18LCAO methodDay 6 Notes, quantitative calculations of the energy of two LCAO orbitals in the H2+ molecule. quiz_4.pdf
7Fri 4/20LCAO method Day 7 Notes, going from bra-ket notation to an actual energy. A quantum mechanical picture of polar molecules.

Week 4

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
8Mon 4/23LCAO methodDay 8 Notes. The LCAO orbitals for a chain of atoms. Start with the 1s states associated with 4 atoms.
9Wed 4/25
10Fri 4/27

Week 5

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
11Mon 4/30
12Wed 5/2

Week 6

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
14Mon 5/7
15Wed 5/9
16Fri 5/11Bloch Theorem

Week 7

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
17Mon 5/14
18Wed 5/16
19Fri 5/18

Week 8

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
20Mon 5/21
21Wed 5/23
22Fri 5/25

Week 9

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
Mon 5/28MEMORIAL DAYno class
23Wed 5/30
24Fri 6/1

Week 10

DayTopicWhat was coveredAssignments
25Mon 6/4
26Wed 6/6
27Fri 6/8Review

Final Exam

Day Time
2 hour exam

About the image: The image in the upper-left corner comes from the group of Kyle Shen at Cornell University. Shen's group uses state-of-the-art growth techniques, such as oxide molecular beam epitaxy, to create next generation quantum materials with atom-by-atom precision.