PH505: Reading and Conference: Advanced Math Methods

Fall 2010

This is a one credit class for first year grad students in the physics PhD program. In Fall 2010 the course is taught by Prof. Ethan Minot.


1F 10/1The Catenary: Static Hanging Chain Use of Sinh and Cosh functions
2F 10/8Functions of complex variables Cauchy Riemann Relationph505 hw1 due
3F 10/15Contour integrations -Cauchy's Thmph505 hw2 dueph505hw2soln.pdf
4F 10/22Contour integrations Residuesph505 hw3 dueph505hw3soln.pdf
5F 10/29Contour integration Kramers-Kronig Relationsph505 hw4 dueph505hw4soln.pdf
6F 11/5Calculus of variations Fastest time for bead sliding down wireph505 hw5 dueph505hw5soln-em.pdf
7F 11/12Green's Function Method L*G(x,z)=δ(x-z), G helps use solve the ODE L*y(x)=f(x)ph505 hw6dueph505hw6soln.pdf
8F 11/19Eigenfunction method for ODEs ph505 hw7 dueph505hw7soln.pdf
10F 12/3Green's Function Method - Solving the Diffusion Equationph505 hw8 dueph505hw8soln.pdf

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