Homework #3

For ph461 and ph561 (same homework this week)

Due Friday, October 15, 2010 at 5pm

Reading assignment

Chapter 12 and section 8.14 of R,H&B.

Q1: Maclaurin and Taylor expansion (10 pts)

Problem 4.24 (b) and 4.30 (a) of R,H&B

Q2: Power series (7 pts)

a) Calculate terms up to r^2 in the Taylor Series expansion of the Lennard Jones potential. Write the Taylor series as an expansion about r_min, where r_min corresponds the potential minima.

Q3: Fourier Series (10 pts)

12.20 of R,H&B.

Q4: Matrices (8 pts)

Consider matrices

a) Are A and B Hermitian?

b) Find eigenvalues and eigenvectors of A. Are there any degeneracies?


b) Problem 4.35 of R,H&B

PH505 Students: Reading assignment

Chapter 24 of R, H &B.

PH505 Students: Additional Homework Question

24.6 of R,H&B.