Schedule for Journal Club Presentations 2013

For details of the assignment see the journal club assignment and the Grading rubric.

There are two ways to show your powerpoint slides:

  1. Bring your talk on a USB memory stick and load it on the instructor's laptop.
  2. Email your powerpoint to the instructor (

Wednesday, May 15 in Weniger 304

11.00Mitchell and DavidSpin-waves: signals propagate through an insulatorSci. Am.
21.07Aaron and NickAnalogy between 1d chain models and grapheneAJP
31.14MacKenzie and AbigailAtoms in a “crystal of light” Nature
41.21Alec and SamWave transmission through periodic, quasiperiodic and random 1-d latticesAJP
51.28LouiseColloidal crystalsAmerican Scientist
61.35Grant and JordonInsulators turns metallicPhysics today

Thursday, May 16 in Weniger 304

712.00Reed and BethanySpin-waves: signals propagate through an insulatorNature
812.07Heather and LisaDemonstration of phonons using beads on a wireAJP
912.14Patrick and ReneDouble well potential and quantum gatesAJP
1012.21Kyle and AustinPhase shifting surfacesAJP
1112.28Mattson and JakeAtomic collapse in artificial nuclei on grapheneScience
1212.35Paho and MichaelDiametrically driven self-accelerating pulses in a photonic crystal fiberPRL
1312.42ColeSolid state UV laser made from Nd:YAG–Ti:sapphire system

Friday, May 16 in Weniger 304

141.00David and DustinNegative temperature?Science