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Paradigms in Physics, 2010

PH427: Periodic Systems

In Spring 2010 the course is being taught Week 1 - Week 3 by Prof. Ethan Minot. The course is part of the Paradigms in Physics series.


DayTopicSummaryAdditional ReadingAssignments
Day1Mcoupled oscillators Main Ch 8 or Taylor Ch 11
Day2Tucoupled oscillators - monoatomic chain Main Ch 8Lab1
Day3Wmonoatomic chain Main, Section 12.2
Day4Thdiatomic chain Lab2
Day5Fdiatomic chain - evanescent waves HW 1 2010. Soln for HW1
DayTopicSummary Additional ReadingAssignments
Day6M3d solids - phonons
Day7TuDensity of states, occupation function Quantization of elastic waves
Day8WSpecific heatSpecific heat of a 1d chain Submit topic for talk
Day9ThPeriodic quantum systemChain of square well potentials, allowed and forbidden energies Lab3
Day10FDispersion relations for quantum states HW 2 2010. Soln for HW2
DayTopicSummary Additional ReadingAssignments
Day11MBloch's theoremSymmetry of the infinite lattice (Architectural example of infinite repeating unit cell), Bloch's theorem. Calculating overlap integrals.Griffiths QM p199, Bloch proof
Day12TuMetals, Insulators, Effective mass Lab4
Day13WJournal club talks
Day14ThJournal club talks
Day15FReview sessionSession run by Alex, Ethan will be traveling HW 3_2010, Soln for HW3