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PH427: Periodic Systems

In Spring 2011 the course is being taught Week 8 - Week 10 by Prof. Ethan Minot. The course is part of the Paradigms in Physics series.


Week 8, Spring 2011

DayTopicSummaryAdditional ReadingAssignments
1MEnvelop functions, normal modes and dispersion relations Main Ch 8
2Tutwo coupled oscillators → finite 1d chains of atoms on springs lab1s11.pdf Taylor Ch 11 p417-430 or Phonons - Class Notes
3Winfinite 1d chains of atoms on springs Phonons - Class Notes or Main, Section 12.2hw1_2011 , hw1soln.pdf
4Thinfinite 1d chains of atoms: alternating masses (m1 and m2) Lab2Phonons - Class Notes
5FThe forbidden frequencies of the diatomic chain - evanescent waves Phonons - Class Noteshw2_2011, hw2soln.pdf

Week 9, Spring 2011

DayTopicSummary Additional ReadingAssignments
6MOptical/acoustic phonons, classical heat capacity Phonons - Class Notes
7TuQuantum heat capacity: 1d chain, 3d crystal Quantization of elastic waves
8WElectron in periodic potential hw3_2011, hw3soln.pdf
9ThElectron in periodic potential lab3s11.doc Ch 15, QM Course Book
10FDispersion relations for quantum states Ch 15, QM Course Bookhw4_2011, hw4soln.pdf

Week 10, Spring 2011

DayTopicSummary Additional ReadingAssignments
12TuMetals, Insulators, Effective massDrawing LCAO exerciseCh 15, QM Course Book
13WJournal club talks
14ThJournal club talks
15FReview session hw5_2011, hw5soln.pdf

Syllabus, Spring 2011