Paradigms in Physics

PH424: 1d Waves

In Winter 2013 the course is being taught Week 5 - Week 7 by Prof. Ethan Minot. The course is part of the Paradigms in Physics series.


Week 5

DayTopicSummaryAdditional ReadingAssignments
1MIntro to waves Basic vocabulary & concepts. Demo “the wave machine”. Traveling & standing waves. Phase, group, and material velocity. Instructor's lecture notes day1.pdfMain 9.1, 9.3; Grif. EM 9.1.1, 9.1.2
2TuSolution to wave equationNon-dispersive wave equation. Initial conditions, boundary conditions. Dispersion relation. Standing wave demo/lab. Standing wave/dispersion worksheet. Newton's law: Waves in a rope. Instructor's lecture notes day2.pdfMain 9.0; Grif. EM 9.1.1; Taylor 16.1-16.3
3WPropagation of wavesExamples of non-dispersive systems vs. dispersive systems. Reflection and transmission from a boundary of two materials. Instructor lecture notes day3.pdfMain 9.2; Grif. EM 9.1.3 hw1
4ThLab experimentComplete reflection and transmission coefficients. Impedance. Propagation of waves in a coaxial cable. Data acquisiton, class discussion & analysis. Experiment guide,Guidelines for write up. Instructor lecture notes day4.pdf.Main 9.5, 10.3; Grif. EM 9.2.1
5FPropagation of wavesPropagation & attenuation. Analysis continuation. Attenuation. Instructor notes day5.pdfMain 9.2; Grif. EM 9.1.3 hw2

Week 6

DayTopicSummaryAdditional ReadingAssignments
6MEnergy in wavesKinetic energy density, potential energy density. Total energy. Instructor lecture notes day6.pdf.Main 9.4
7TuSuperposition of wavesEnergy density worksheet. Superposition & Fourier analysis. Superposition worksheet. Instructor lecture notes day7.pdfMain 11.1-11.3; PH 421 notes
8WWave Functions in Quantum MechanicsThe wave function. Probability density. Position, momentum & energy operators. Operators worksheet. Instructor lecture notes day8.pdfMcIntyre 5.1-5.3hw3
9ThWave equation in quantum mechanicsThe finite square well. Eigenvalues, eigenfunctions of bound states of a finite well potential. Instructor lecture notes day9.pdfMcIntyre 5.2-5.6
10FQuantum statesReview the finite square well. Probability density, expectation values, normalization. Superposition & measurement; square well examples. Instructor lecture notes day10.pdf McIntyre 5.1-5.6hw4

Week 7

DayTopicSummaryAdditional ReadingAssignments
11MQuantum statesSuperposition & measurement; square well examples. Instructor lecture notes day11.pdfMcIntyre 5.1-5.6
12TuTime evolution of quantum statesPredicting the outcome of measurements. Time dependence derived from S. Eq and separation of variables. Time development of arbitrary states. Animate on Mathematica. Instructor lecture notes day12.pdfMcIntyre 5.7, 6.1-6.2
13WTime evolution of quantum states + Free particlesSuperposition state can radiate light. The Unbound states. Free particles. Instructor lecture notes day13.pdf McIntyre 6.3hw5
14ThScatteringFree particle wavefunctions. Kinesthetic activity. S. Equation is a dispersive wave equation. Wave packets spread out and group velocity differs from phase velocity. Reflection, transmission. Tunneling. Instructor lecture notes day14.pdf McIntyre 6.4-6.5
15FTunneling and ReviewThe WKB approximation. The Heisenberg Uncertainty relation. Instructor lecture notes day15.pdf. topics_for_final.pdf.McIntyre 6.4-6.5 hw6

The final will be held on Monday evening of Week 8.