Online resources


Prof. David MacKay's lecture at Harvard:

Prof. David MacKay's book (free pdf download, option 1, free pdf download option 2)

How quantum mechanics explains global warming (TedEd talk):

Physical reasoning skills

Solar Radiation Monitoring Station (SoRMS) at Humboldt State University, Arcata, California Jan 9th data, original data source

Solar data for Oregon:

Energy in car battery versus time

Fuel level in race car

CO2 concentration in atmosphere, original data source.

Temperature of coffee after it is poured in a cup

Sunlight hitting a satellite. Extraterristial solar spectrum from 280 nm - 4000 nm, original data source

Thermal physics

Light-matter interactions

Electromagnetic wave animation.

Simulation of wave interference for a 2-slit experiment

Video recording true single-photon double-slit interference

The double-slit wave interference experiment and single photons interfering with themselves: Youtube video (cheesy, but physics is correct).

Oscillating charge generates electromagnetic radiation:

Blackbody spectrum:

Climate change

Differential equations with boundary conditions


Online textbook describing the physics principles behind solar photovoltaics:




Audio spectrogram app for iphone: “SpectrumView” by Oxford Wave Research (free, but costs $2 to unlock the zoom feature)

Bugle plays taps: