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Physics 199: Orientation for Freshman Physics Majors

  • Instructors (Winter 2018):
    • Prof. Ethan Minot, office 417 Weniger
    • Prof. Matt Graham, office 375 Weniger
  • Teaching assistants (Winter 2018):
    • Garrett Jepson
    • Katelyn Chase
  • Class Meeting Time: Thurs 4.00 - 4.50pm in Weniger 212

Week 1

*4:00 – Welcome. Introduction to Instructors & TAs.

*4:05 – Interaction & Networking: meeting your fellow majors

*4:15 – Welcome from your peers at the Society of Physics Students (SPS)

*4:25 – Welcome from the Chair of Physics, Prof. Heidi Schellman

* Welcome from the Head Undergraduate Advisor, Prof. Henri Jansen

* Welcome from the Head of Undergraduate Labs, Prof. David Craig

Week 2 Applying for Scholarships/Internships/Jobs/Graduate School. With a physics degree, the sky's the limit for your career options. In this session, Claire Wu, Assistant Director of Career Development Center, will use interactive activities to help you start thinking about how identifying and honoring your values and interests will have an impact on your career satisfaction. List of related links & opportunities.

Scholarships presentation from class.

Week 3

Exposure to Research I, Optical Materials Physics Graham Lab: Interactive tours & short lecture. (rotation of two groups)

Week 4

Alumni Visitor, Dr. Whitney Sheppard, Intel Corporation

Week 5 Paradigms in Physics, a preview to your upper-division coursework in physics.

Learn more about our unique upper-division curriculum

*Part I: The Basics of Paradigms Program by a Present Paradigms Instructor, Matt Graham. Short course-related presentation.

*Part II: Undergraduate Panel, please bring all your questions and concerns. Hear what OSU upper division physics is like from your peers.

Week 6 Diversity Celebration - Getting to Know Each Other Meeting other students and faculty in the department. Done Potluck style. Please try and bring a food item if you can. This event is hosted by PhIS.

Week 7

Exposure to Research II, Condensed Matter Physics Minot Lab

Week 8

Exposure to Research III, Astrophysics Lazzati Lab

Week 9 Diversity Workshop. This event is hosted by PhIS.

Week 10

Exposure to Research IV, Biophysics Professor Weihong Qiu and Professor Bo Sun

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