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This wiki was originally set up for physics faculty members to comment on the proposed Weniger space remodel. The OSU Space Renovation Committee would now like to use it to solicit input from all faculty who might be impacted by the remodel. We want input from everyone, so welcome!


  1. Please use the navigation bar at left to move around the wiki.
  2. There are several pages of the wiki that are executive summaries of our work so far: one for the remodel of the large lecture halls and one for the remodel of the smaller second floor classrooms. You will not be able to edit these pages yourself. But, if you want to comment on these pages, just click on the “discussion” tab at the top of the page you care about. Feel free to sign your comments or leave them anonymously. If you agree with someone else's comments, feel free to leave a “me, too” message. We will collate these comments and add them to the exective summary at a later date. You can do text only, or add wiki syntax if you wish. For more info on wiki syntax, see syntax page.
  3. There is also a page for each of the individual classrooms slated for remodel. This is the place to add comments about idiosyncracies relevant to a particular room. You can edit these pages directly yourself. Just click on the “edit this page” tab. Don't forget to save you page when you are finished. And don't worry about messing things up. The wiki automatically save copies of old versions of each page, so nothing will be permanently lost.
  4. There is also a link for student suggestions to be added. If you have heard comments/complaints from students in these rooms this would be the place to make them productive.
  5. There is also a link called “my dream classroom” which is a place for you to put any wild ideas you may have about what kind of room you would like to see if there were no constraints. Perhaps we can find a way to incorporate some of those ideas into the current rooms being remodeled!
  6. If you have any questions or problems using this wiki, please email us: Corinne Manogue (corinne@physics.oregonstate.edu) and Dedra Demaree (demareed@physics.oregonstate.edu).

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