Linear Algebra PACKage

LAPACK is a library of Fortran 77 routines for solving the most common problems in numerical linear algebra. It has been designed to be efficient on a wide range of modern high performance computer and and can be downloaded for free from the netlib archives.

It includes routines for:

There are three different types of LAPACK routines.
Simple Driver Routines
solve a complete problem, like finding the eigenvalues of a matrix or solving a set of linear equations.
Expert Driver Routines
provide more options/information than the simple driver routines. Examples are, calculation of error bounds or equilibrating matrices to improve accuracy.
Computational Routines
are called by the driver routines and perform a distinct computational task, like a LU factorization, or the reduction of a real symmetric matrix to tridiagonal form. We organized these routines into the following categories.

You can also search our database for the Lapack routine you need.
We have included some simple examples how you can use LAPACK routines
There are several programming pitfalls when dealing with matrices which even a sophisticated software package like LAPACK can't avoid and you should be aware of.
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Last updated: 04/27/1996
Hans Kowallik