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§ 19: Running C Programs

Most scientific uses of computers require programming. The two most commonly used languages are Fortran and C, with Java playing an increased role for Web applications. This section discusses how to compile and run C and the next section discusses Fortran. Java is recommended for multimedia aplications rather than serious scientific number crunching so it is discussed in the multimedia section.

First we will describe the standard procedure for compiling and running a short program, with and without using the math library. Next we have provided information from "A Scientist's and Engineer's Guide to Workstations and Supercomputers" to help you compile and run more complex projects involving more than one program. The first selection discusses compiling and running subroutines (known as linking) and the second is a description of several useful compiler options. If you start doing really complex projects, you may want to consider some of the utilities described in Unix Power Tools and Tips Finally, to aviod irriating your fellow users we have provided some suggestions for programming courtesy.

  1. Compiling C
    1. Linking C
    2. Compiler Options
  2. Programming Courtesy

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