The method used to animate (make a movie from) 3D data is described.


  1. Check that your program produces the proper output. Your output should produce a series of data files, each with a different name.
    For our example we used a C code to solve the Two-Dimensional Schrodinger Equation for a wave packet colliding with a potential barrier. This code yields output data files for each time step of the form:

  2. Run a korn shell script to generate the animation.
  3. We have found several procedures to create the movies.
  4. Use xanim or mpeg_play to view the FLI or MPEG movie on the workstation.

Here are some sample MPEG's you can download

Two-dimensional soliton small(574K)
two-dimensional soliton large(44.6M)longer time sequence

Here are some MPEGS of a single wave packet traveling through a double- slit

wave-packet slit small(1.7M)
wave-packet slit large(4.6M)longer time sequence

FLI Movies(more to come)

wave-packet slit large(1.8M)As long as the movie above.
If you don't have a movie player, you can watch the movie from here using netscape 2.x.

Two Wave Packets Colliding (My M.S. Thesis Work)

Colliding Wave Packets large(5.5M)

Here is a new interactive Chaotic Pendulum demo!!!!!
(This Demo uses all of the animation techniques)

Unix Software Needed For Animation

NetPBM package
Converts ppm files to GIF
Site to obtain package from
Unix Mpeg Player
Plays movies with Unix
available from site
MPEG Encoder
Creates MPEG movies with Unix
FBM2FLI package
Creates FLI movies with Unix
FBM package
Provides some graphics handling and manipulation code with Unix
Site to obtain package from
Plays a wide variety of animations with Unix
Site to obtain package from

Macintosh Software Needed For Animation

Used to transfer files over a network
Available at site
Graphic Converter
Used to convert GIF to Quicktime movie (among other things)
Available at site
Qucktime Player
Used to play the Quicktime movies
Available at site
Used to play the Quicktime Movies and convert them to MPEG's
Available at site

Korn Script to Generate GIF File

The output of the executable code generates all of the data files and the script creates all the gifs and combines them into a movie.

Creating Movies

Creating FLI, MPEG, and Gif89a Movies: