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Lots of boxes from Sun  images/boxes.JPG (850594 bytes) The Beowulf switch  images/cluster.JPG (771594 bytes)
A mess unpacking   images/mess.JPG (872837 bytes) Zhongming Zhang doing thesis work  images/Zhang.JPG (750370 bytes)
Partial frontview of Beowulf  cluster  images/back3.jpg (75668 bytes) The front end for users  images/CPlab.JPG (836482 bytes)
Partial rearview of Beowulf cluster  images/frontview.JPG (464268 bytes) Fearless leader @ CP summer school, Trest, CSSR images/Trest1.jpg (332262 bytes)


npaci-logo.gif (3485 bytes)nsf01.gif (12857 bytes)Supported in part by National Science Foundation Grant 9980940 and the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure-EOT

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