Step-by-Step Instructions to re-install Solaris:

I.   Boot From CD
     A.  With power off, connect monitor and keyboard.
     B.  As soon as the system starts booting, press Stop-A to get "ok"
     C.  Put the Solaris CD (labelled "Landau, sol 8, 1/2") in the drive.
     D.  Type "boot cdrom" at the "ok" prompt.

II.  Initial System Installation
     A.  Choose English as language/locale
     B.  Click on "Continue" for the first two information screens
     C.  Choose "Yes" for Networked
         1.  Choose "No" for DHCP
         2.  Enter the hostname and IP address (written on the computer)
         3.  Choose "Yes" for IPv6
         4.  Choose "No" for Kerberos
	 5.  Choose "DNS" for nameservice
	     i.   Enter "" for domain name
	     ii.  Enter "" and "" for nameserver
 		  IP address
	     iii. Enter "" and "" for search domains
	 6.  Choose "Yes" for part of subnet and change subnet mask 
 	     to ""
     D.  Misc. options
	 1.  Choose "Geographic region" to specifiy timezone
	 2.  Change to "United States -- Pacific"
	 3.  Continue through time/date (should be set already)
     E.  Choose "Initial" for installation type. Continue through next screen.
     F.  Choose "North America" for language/locale support
     G.  Choose "Entire Distribution" for install (leave 64bit support checked)
     H.  Click "Continue" through disk choices and preserving data screen
     I.  Disk Setup :
	 1.  Choose "Auto Layout", and create :  /, /opt, /usr, /var, and swap
	 2.  Choose "Customize"
	     i.   change /export/home to /private
	     ii.  set /private size to 3072
	     iii. set / size to 1024
             iv.  set /var size to 128
	     v.   set swap size to 512
 	     vi.  set /opt size to 2048
	     vii. set /usr size to 1436
	     viii. make sure it says "Free: 0MB" at the bottom and click "OK"
	 3.  Continue after disk layout and "Mount Remote File Systems?"
	     (i.e. do not mount any remote file systems)
     J.  Check on the "Profile" and click "Begin Installation"
     K.  Choose Auto Reboot and wait (or wander off for 20 minutes)

III. More Installation
     A.  After it reboots, it will ask for a root password.  Enter it (twice).
     B.  For the "Auto Shutdown" option, type "n", and when it asks if you
         want it to ask again next time you reboot, type "n"
     C.  Choose "CD" when it asks what installation media you're using
     D.  Put in the next CD ("Landau, sol 8, 2/2") and click "OK"
     E.  Wait or wander off for another 20 minutes.
     F.  Click on "Next" after Installation Summary
     G.  When it asks about "Solaris Localizations" click on "Skip"
     H.  Click on "Reboot now"

IV.  Post-Install Configuration
     A.  Log in as root (choose "CDE" for X-windows interface)
     B.  Open a window (right-click on the background, choose 
         "Hosts -> This Host")
     C.  Set up the default router & domain name
         i.   "echo > /etc/defaultrouter"
         ii.  "route add default"
	 iii. "echo > /etc/defaultdomain"
     D.  Set up /.rhosts for file sharing, account sharing, etc.
         Type "cat > /.rhosts" and then type the following:

         manuel root root
	 [Control-D to save and exit]

	 (You can use vi if you want, but for two lines this seems easier)

     E.  Log on to manuel as root to distribute key files and
         type "/usr/ucb/rdist -f /etc/distfile -m hostname"
     F.  Install Solaris patches
	 1.  cd /private
         2.  mkdir patches
         3.  cd patches
         4.  cp /home/patches/ .
         5.  unzip
         6.  cd 8_Recommended
         7.  ./install_cluster
         8.  Type "y" when prompted "Are you sure...."
	 9.  Wait for another 10 minutes or so
     G.  Install compilers
	 1.  Put in the CD labelled "Forte 6 Developer"
         2.  A window should pop up.  Double click on "Installer".
   	 3.  Type "y" at "Okay to install..."
	 4.  Click on "Next"
         5.  Leave "64bit Selection" on "Yes" and click on "Next
	 6.  For "Product Selection" choose "Default Install" for everything
	 7.  Leave install directory at "/opt" and click on "Next"
	 8.  Click on "Install Now" and wander off for an hour or more
	 9.  Click on "Install License"
	 10. Enter /home/Forte-University-Ed-6SPARC6 after "File:"
	 11. Click "Load File" then "Install"
	 12. Exit the license install tool, Click on "Next", and then Exit
     H.  Install compiler patches
     	 1.  cd /private/patches
	 2.  cp /home/patches/*.tar .
	 3.  ls *.tar
	 4.  tar xf   for each .tar file
	 5.  For each directory created (directory name = tarfile without .tar)

           ./installpatch -B /private/patches /private/patches/
     I.  Disable unnecessary services
	 1.  cd /etc/rc2.d
	 2.  rm S47asppp
	 3.  rm S71ldap.client
	 3.  rm S88sendmail
     J.  Set up man page index :  'catman -w'

V.   Check things out, make sure everything seems to be working, and then
     move on to the next one.
     A.  'shutdown -g0'
     B.  Turn power off
     C.  Disconnect mouse and keyboard
     D.  Turn power on