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A Survey of Computational Physics

introductory computational science



Rubin H Landau, Manuel J Paez, & Cristian Bordeianu

Princeton University Press (order, info),  2008
Java in text; Java, C, F95/77, DX, MPI on CD

Winner of 2008 Undergraduate Computational Engineering & Science Prize

Video lectures match to text; Slides from lecture, Python eBookVersion

This upper-division text surveys of many of the topics of modern computational physics from a computational science point of view. With its emphasis is on learning by doing (assisted by many model programs), it is similar to the earlier Computational Physic text,  but now includes many new topics. The text overlaps the lower-division A First Course in Scientific Computing (Landau) to provide economical, computational science/physics materials at all levels of undergraduate curriculum. The text is designed for a one- or two-semester undergraduate or beginning graduate course, and includes a CD-ROM with supplementary materials, including Java, Fortran, and C programs; animations; visualizations; color figures; interactive Java applets; codes for MPI, PVM, and OpenDX; and a PVM tutorial.

* Eqns (18.45) & (18.46) should have Vi/4 in place of Vi