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A First Course in Scientific Computing

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Symbolic, Graphic and Numeric Modeling Using Maple, Java, Mathematica and Fortran 90


Rubin H Landau


Contributors: Robyn Wangberg, Kyle Augustson, Sally Haerer, Manuel Paez, Crisitian Bordeianu, Connelly Barnes

Princeton University Press, 2005 (order here), CD with alternate language versions of text
Winner 2006 Undergraduate Computational Engineering & Sciences Award (Krell Institute)
One of
Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for 2005
The Maple paper text is essentially identical to the Maple worksheets. The Mathematica text on the CD is a pdf file suitable for printing, and is equivalent to the Maple text, The Fortran text on the CD is a pdf file suitable for printing, and is equivalent of the java text, as much as possible. This introductory text overlaps A Survey of Computational Physics (Landau, Paez, & Bordeianu) to provide computational science/physics materials at all levels of undergraduate curriculum.

Note: The American Journal of Physics review incorrectly stated that the CD was not as advertised; they have published an errata. We cannot recommend that review.

''The practical scientist is trying to solve tomorrow's problem with yesterday's computer; the computer scientist, we think, often has it the other way around.'', Numerical Recipes in C, 2nd Ed, p 25, Press et al.