Visit to Messoyakha

A Japanese technical mission of the Institute of Applied Energy visited the field in September, 1995. The images below are the photos which were taken during the visit. Read the more general introduction to the Messoyakha Gas Field

Members of the mission of Institute of Applied Energy to Moskow and Norilsk, Sept. 17 to 27, 1995. (From left to right, Terasaki (IAE), Kondo (Tokyo Gas), Ishii (Chief of the mission, NIER), Okuda (GSJ), Aoki (JAPEX Geosciences), Shinomiya (Osaka Gas), Tanahashi (GSJ) and Nakamura (JAPEX, mosaiced).
View of tundra around Messoyakha Gas Field, which located on the easter rim of the world largest West Siberian Sedimentary Basin.
Heliport at Messoyakha, Helicopter is the only way to the Messoyakha Gas Field.
Well #130 in the center of the anticline of Messoyakha Gas Field.M. Tanahashi, Dr. Gabriel Ginsburg (VNII Okeangeologia, St. Petersburg) and Mr. Alexey V. Milkov (Saint Petersburg State University), in front of christmass tree of Messoyakha Gas Field, well #130, Sept. 22, 1995. The gas pressure of this well #130 was 60 kg/cm2 (5.9 MPa) and concordant with the value of Messoyakha Gas Field, Fig. 2 (6.1 MPa at 1990). The gas production of Messoyakha is continued only in the summer season intermittently in recent years. There was no production from Messoyakha field in 1994. In 1995, from June to September, 200,000 - 300,000 m3/day of gas was produced from 4-7 wells.


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