Kathryn Hadley

Office: Weniger 373

Email: kathryn,hadkey@oregonstate.edu

Phone: 541 737-4312


Website: khadley.com


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B.S. in Physics (2003) Central Washington University

Ph.D. in Physics (2011) University of Oregon, Eugene


Previous Employment


Faculty, Lane Community College

Visiting Professor, Whitman College

Adjunct Instructor, University of Oregon




Faculty Recognition Award, Lane Community College

Research Interests


My research interest is theoretical astrophysics, focusing on computational modeling of systems like protostellar disks. In the early stage of star formation, the system consists of a central object and a surrounding disk of material. Using fundamental conservation laws of physics solved on a grid, we can build and evolve systems numerically, analyzing the density wave structures that arise. We have shown that the geometry of the system gives rise to distinct modes of oscillation within the disk. Recent work including a resolved central object, as opposed to a point star, shows that modes can also arise in the star, affecting the evolution of the system. Other systems of interest include vortex instabilities, first stars, plasma shocks and strange quark stars.


Representative Publications


"Nonaxisymmetric instabilities of self-gravitating disks. I Toroids" Hadley, K. Z., Imamura, J. N., 2011, Ap&SS, 334, 1


"Nonaxisymmetric instabilities in self-gravitating disks. II. Linear and quasi-linear analyses" Hadley, K. Z., Fernandez, P., Imamura, J.N., Keever, E., Tumblin, R., & Dumas, W., 2014, Ap&SS, 353, 191


"Nonaxisymmetric instabilities in self-gravitating disks. III. Angular momentum transport" Hadley, K. Z., Imamura, J.N., Keever, E., Tumblin, R., & Dumas, W., 2015, Ap&SS, 359, 10