Ph313: Energy Alternatives, Spring 2017

Instructor: Dr Tomasz M. Giebultowicz ("Dr. Tom")
Weniger 424; Office hours: MWF 11:15-12:30
Phone: 737 1707; contacting by e-mail:
The meeting time of that class was MWF at 10:00, Wngr 153

Extra "after-the-final" office hours: Friday, June 23, and Monday, June 26, in the afternoon -- but by appointments only. To make an appointment, send an e-mail to the address -- but not to any other address, please! -- and please write "Request for an appointment" in the subject line. After June 23, it may be difficult to talk to me in person because I may be out of town.

Questions, etc. -- also, please send to the above address, and, please, always type the address manually, please DO NOT use the "Reply" function, please, please, please!

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