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Theoretical and Computational Physics at OSU

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The theory group of the physics department at Oregon State University engages in a wide range of research areas from materials physics to nano science to biological systems. For more details visit the individual research group pages:

Prof. Henri Jansen

Theory of magnetism and magnetic materials.

Prof. David Roundy

Density functional theory, water models,  ferroelectric materials.

Prof. Guenter Schneider

Electronic and optical properties of semiconductors and organic conductors, materials prediction, biosensors.

Prof. Michael Zwolak

Biophysics, Nanotechnology, Many-body physics & simulation techniques, Quantum Information Theory.



The theory group consists of 4 professors, 2 postdocs, 5 graduate students and several undergraduate students.

Theory group photo June 2011

Group photo of Roundy and Schneider research groups (June 2011)