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In many cases, we use several activities in a carefully controlled sequences, to help students see how information ties together. This is a major task for beginning upper-division learners.

E & M Sequences

  • Use a sequence of activities to develop students' geometrical understanding of electrostatic potentials and electric fields.
  • Use a sequence of activities with similar geometries to help students learn how to solve a hard activity by breaking it up into several steps. Example: A sequence of five E&M activities that take students from being able to find the electric potential due to two point charges to being able to find the magnetic vector potential in all space due to a spinning ring of charge. See E&M sequence
  • Use a sequence of activities to help students understand what is planar about plane waves.

Classical Mechanics Sequences

  • Using a sequence of different kinds of activities to reinforce each other. Example: Effective Potentials

Quantum Mechanics Sequences

Under Construction


  • Using a sequence of activities, some computational, to help students understand how to visualize electrostatic potentials. More potentials?

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