NSF Proposal Summary DUE-0231194
5/03–4/07; $99,941

Corinne A. Manogue, David McIntyre, & Allen Wasserman

The Paradigms in Physics Project is an ongoing complete revision of the upper-division physics curriculum. By tying the junior-year content to case-studies of paradigmatic physical situations, the curriculum is more modern and flexible enough to meet students' diverse career needs. By utilizing more student centered pedagogies including integrated laboratories, small-group problem-solving, computer simulations, and project-based courses, the project is improving students' analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as their integration of mathematics and physics. By spiraling to revisit topics and concepts at a higher level in the senior year, the project is enhancing student learning. This phase involves national dissemination of this successful project. However dissemination of a project of this scale has never been attempted by a single department. Thus the present project focuses on two of the new Paradigms courses. Beyond the student materials that have already been developed, faculty will need additional support as they adopt these courses, including written Instructor's Guides to both the content and the activities, and Faculty Development Workshops. Successful implementation and evaluation of this project will provide the experience necessary to outline a more ambitious dissemination plan for the Paradigms project.

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