General information

The Department of Physics maintains several mailing lists for distribution of information. All student lists are cleared at the end of September and repopulated with ONID e-mail addresses for all students who are officially registered. If you want to subscribe to one of our lists, please follow the instructions below. A request for subscription is sent to the list-manager for approval. These lists are for distribution of university-related information only. Other use is not allowed. Posts from outside the university will be automatically discarded.

Graduate students

If you are a GRADUATE STUDENT and are not yet subscribed to our mailing list please visit .

Undergraduate students

If you are an UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT in PHYSICS and are not yet subscribed to our mailing list please visit the appropriate list:

  1. For students who have taken PH320 or are currently taking PH320:
  2. For students who started before this year but are not yet in the upper division curriculum:
  3. For students who started this year at OSU:
  4. For students who pursue a minor in physics:

Women in Physics

If you are interested in receiving occasional information about the activities of the Women in Physics group and items of interest to this group, please visit . The list will be cleared each September and repopulated with the current women grad students, undergraduate physics majors, and other regular participants in the group.

Messages about colloquia, seminars, etc.

If you are interested in receiving our weekly reminder of upcoming events only and are not yet subscribed to our mailing list please visit .

How to unsubscribe.

If you want to be removed from a mailing list, you can do so yourself at any time by visiting the list page and unsubscribe.