μ f E Labs: 120, 122, 139A, 143 and 375 Weniger Hall

Favorite Wavelengths: 320 to 4000 nm
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μ f E Scientific Team:

Matt Graham

Principal Investigator
energy; small and fast
Hon.BSc (Toronto), Ph.D.(Berkeley)

Office: 375 Wengier
Labs: 122, 120 & 139A Weniger
Email: graham --AT-- physics.oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 3162 nm or cm-1

Pedram Esfahani

Graduate Researcher
B.S. (Azad), M.S. (U of Akron, Ohio)

Office: 143 Weinger
Labs: 122, 120 & 139A Weniger.
Email: esfahanp --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 557 GHz

George W. Mattson

Graduate Researcher
A.B. (Princeton)

Office: 122 & 144 Weniger
Labs: 122, 120 & 139A Weniger
Email: mattsong --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 500 nm

Gina Mayonado

Graduate Researcher
B.A. (McDaniel)

Office: 143 Weniger
Labs: 122, 120 & 139A Weniger
Email: mayonadg --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 430 nm

Hiral Patel

Graduate Researcher
next-gen photosensors, stacked van der Waals interactions
B.S.(Gujarat), M.S. (CSUN), Ph.D. Candidate

Office: 143 Weniger
Labs: 122, 120 & 139A Weniger
Email: patelhi --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 2092 nm

Jordan Pommerenck

Graduate Researcher
on-chip femtoseocond-resolved movies
B.S. (Oregon State)

Office: 143 Weniger
Labs: 122, 120 & 139A Weniger
Email: pommerjo --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 1.315 μm

Kyle Vogt

Graduate Researcher
next-gen solar voltaics, time-space electron & photocurrent correlations
B.S.(UWisc-Eau Claire), M.S. & Ph.D. Candidate

Office: 143 Weniger
Labs: 122, 120 & 139A Weniger.
Email: kyletvogt --AT-- gmail.com

Favorite Wavelength: 3.4 m ( 88.1 FM )

μ f E Undergraduate Researchers

Mirek Brandt (2014-pr.)
undergraduate (physics) & Nat. Goldwater Scholar 2017-18
(ufE Lab news article)

Lab: 139A Weniger
Email: brandtg --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 2718 nm


Zach Colbert (2017-pr.)
SURE Science Scholarship - undergraduate (physics)

Lab: 122 Weniger
Email: colbertz --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 545.1 m or 550 kHz AM NPR

Andrew Lam
undergraduate (physics)

Lab: 122 Weniger
Email: lamand --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 490 nm

Ikaika McKeague-McFadden (2016-pr.)
undergraduate (physics)

Lab: 122 Weniger
Email: mckeagui --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: still scanning

Kyle Tafoya (2017-pr.)

undergraduate PER Paradigm researcher (physics)

Lab: PER Development Lab
Email: tafoyak --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 880 Ym

Jacob Van de Lindt(2018-pr.)
URSA-ENGAGE Scholar (physics)

Lab: 122 Weniger
Email: vandelij --AT-- oregonstate.edu

Favorite Wavelength: 1 pm

μ f E Lab Graduate Degree Alumni

Kyle McLelland

Masters Degree in Physics, 2016
Research: current production in emerging nanomaterials

College Physical Sciences Instructor, Linn-Benton & Chemeketa Colleges, OR

Xiao Xia Li

μfE Lab Courtesy Faculty
Institute of Functional Materials, Nanchang, China (Associate Professor)
B.S. (Lanzhou), Ph.D. (Lanzhou)

Office: 413 Weinger
Labs: 122,120 & 139A Weniger.
Email: lixiaoxia04 --AT-- sina.com

Favorite Wavelength: 460 nm + supercontinuum

μ f E Lab Undergraduate Alumni

Bret Brandner
B.S. in Physics, 2017

Sam Grimm
B.S. in Physics, 2016

Vadient Optics, Corvallis OR



Connor O'Driscoll
B.S. in Physics (ROTC), 2015

Commissioned Officer (US Navy - Nuclear Navy Submarine Force)



Garett Plunkett
B.S. in Physics, 2017

Graduate Student in Optical Sciences, University of Arizona


Alex Peterson
B.S. in Physics, 2016

Rone Engineering Services

Sam Stephenson
B.S. in Physics, 2015

Intel Engineer, Beaverton OR