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Fall 2009 - Day 3
Fall 2009 - Day 5

Every day in Physics 111, students explore new ideas and continue developing their understandings of scientific phenomena. To document these understandings, students reflect on their experiences. In addition to oral and written reflections at the end of each class, students also reflect on their learning by creating websites. Programs such as and Ning have provided basic formats for students to upload files, write about, and organize their ideas. Typically, student websites are created near the “end” of a unit of study. (Ongoing topic matter does not elicit an end to learning about subjects). On the websites, students can write about their initial ideas, their questions, how they explored those questions, activities, findings, powerful ideas, inferences, etc. Using pictures, paragraphs, videos, etc., students put together an overview of their science experiences related to a specific unit of study. For example, “Light,” “Sound,” or “Motion.” working_on_ning_websites.jpg

Student Websites

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