Sharing Science Experiences

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Fall 2009 - Day 1

Sharing Science Experiences Video

In groups of two, students talked about the science experiences they have had. They drew colorful pictures of their science memories. Each group got to introduce themselves and present/share their positive physics learning experiences with the rest of the class. Collectively, they wrote down what aspects fostered those learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. In big letters, students wrote “group work, understandable, discussion, asking questions, fun, entertaining, interactive, exciting, surprising, choice, visual, field trips, exploration, and suspense.” In addition to these strategies, another very important aspect that fosters learning is reflection. When these aspects are incorporated into students’ curriculum, they are more interested and they learn more.

Aspects that foster learning experiences
Group Work
Understandable Content
Fun and Excitement
Entertaining Material
Interactive Activities
Suspense or Surprise
Choice in Topics
Open-ended Exploration

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