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Instructional Strategies


Midterm Preparation Midterm Preparation

Midterm Document 2009fph111midtermv2.doc

This midterm addresses the powerful ideas and evidence for those ideas of light, pinhole cameras, mirrors and reflection, moon observations, and a review of students progress in thinking in relation to their pre and post diagnostic questions about light.

An Excellent Student Midterm Example 2009fph111examplemidtermresponse.pdf

This student midterm exemplifies an excellent examination. The student is thorough in her responses, she provides evidence and explanations, and it is clear that she grasps the physics concepts at hand.

Instructor Feedback 2009fph111midtermcommentary.doc

The instructor feedback for the midterm examination provides information to students about the areas they succeeded, the areas they needed to improve, and the overall critiques about how to better their work for future examinations.


Final Document 2009fph111finaldraft3.doc

The final examination included topics of changes in heat and temperature; evaluating literature for science validity; gravity and falling objects; position, velocity, and acceleration graphs; and the integration of literacy with inquiry topics.

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