Elementary School Visit

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Fall 2009-Day 6

In Physics 111, the students, or future teachers, get to explore science topics in a very inquisitive and tangible way. When they visit an elementary school classroom, their new knowledge of science concepts and inquiry-based teaching strategies get to come into practice. This is a very engaging learning experience for the future teachers because they finally get the opportunity to implement what they've learned in Physics 111. They are able to plan, implement, and reflect upon teaching children about science in ways that promote complex thinking and the processing of ideas. This is a novel experience for the future teachers because it takes them out of the student role and into more of a teaching and guidance role. Although the future teachers are only working with the children for about an hour, they gain a plethora of learning experiences. They learn how to manage a class, how to phrase and ask questions instead of giving answers, how to engage children and make learning fun, and how to tactfully approach teaching a group of children who are at all different stages developmentally. By being immersed in an environment where they are responsible for instructing children, the future teachers gain a more structured and confident mind-set about science and teaching than they could have ever achieved in the physics course alone.

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