Student 1
Learned: “Sometimes it's really hard to get our ideas across. You could have something make sense in your head and not verbalize it… it makes it hard to ask for help. If my future students use incorrect terms, I just want them to get their idea out before correcting them later. That may be the only way they know how to get their point across.”
Wants to Know: “I'm wondering why the magnets that are placed next to each other cancel each other out.”

Student 2
Learned: “Magnets, wires, and circuits make sound.”
Wants to Know: “I'm structured and I need clarity… so I'm wondering how I will write my paper.”

Student 3
Learned: “I learned more about speakers and how they work… I want to take apart my speakers!”
Wants to Know: “I want to know if you could make a cow's stomach a speaker!”

Student 4
Learned: “I learned that when a N and a S touch a wire from a speaker, the music is quieter, and vice versa.”
Wants to Know: “How do you make speakers for your iPod?”

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