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=======Reflections======= =======Reflections=======
**Student 1**\\ **Student 1**\\
-Learned: \\ +Learned: \\i learned that light does n 
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\i wonder what the light will look like with different light sources
\\ \\
**Student 2**\\ **Student 2**\\
-Learned:\\ +Learned:\\i learned why the image is upside down on the paper 
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\ what happens with a bigger hole on the screen
\\ \\
**Student 3**\\ **Student 3**\\
Learned: \\ Learned: \\
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\What happens with a larger hole
\\ \\
**Student 4**\\ **Student 4**\\
Learned: \\ Learned: \\
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\ how do different light sources affect the light source
\\ \\
**Student 5**\\ **Student 5**\\
-Learned: \\ +Learned: \\wax paper acted as new light source 
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\how will different light source change the shape of the projection
\\ \\
**Student 6**\\ **Student 6**\\
Learned: \\ Learned: \\
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\how will a different shaped light bulb be projected
\\ \\
**Student 7**\\ **Student 7**\\
Learned: \\ Learned: \\
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\ what happens if we use different materials besides wax paper and tin foil to make a pinhole camera
\\ \\
**Student 8**\\ **Student 8**\\
-Learned: \\ +Learned: \\ straight does not only mean verticle and horizontal 
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\change size of hole how will it change projection
\\ \\
**Student 9**\\ **Student 9**\\
-Learned: \\ +Learned: \\ how and why the lightbulb is reflected upside down 
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\how the eye effects the image being upside down
\\ \\
**Student 10**\\ **Student 10**\\
Learned: \\ Learned: \\
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\how do mirrors reflect the images upside down as well
\\ \\
**Student 11**\\ **Student 11**\\
-Learned: \\ +Learned: \\how to apply powerful ideas to a diagram 
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\what will happen if we change light source for the phenomena and how will it react the same or different with the wax paper
\\ \\
**Student 12**\\ **Student 12**\\
-Learned: \\ +Learned: \\I learned what a pinhole camera is 
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\what is the shape of the moon today called
\\ \\
**Student 13**\\ **Student 13**\\
-Learned: \\ +Learned: \\ what a pinhole camera is, and how it works 
-Wants to Know: \\+Wants to Know: \\how early can this be introduced to children and have them understand it
\\ \\
**Student 14**\\ **Student 14**\\

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