Student 1
Learned: All four of the material were the same temp and that surprised me
Wants to Know: what material would change fastest if put in cold room

Student 2
Learned:Learned about the logger lite program
Wants to Know: Equal amounts of water, and how long it takes to get to room temp

Student 3
Learned: Doesn't matter if the water is hot or cold but if you have the same amount will always reach equalibrium temp
Wants to Know: How the seat belt is really hot and related to thermal conductivity

Student 4
Learned: All the plates are the same temp and it's weird
Wants to Know: Is the moon at the same size at the same time at night and what plate would warm up the quickest

Student 5
Learned: Thermometer probes
Wants to Know: Will the moon wane in the opposite direction, change shape on different side than it has been.

Student 6
Learned: Our body gives of different thermal amounts and is absorbed differently by different objects
Wants to Know:

Student 7
Learned: The different plates feel different and that is from our heat transferring to different materials
Wants to Know: Interested in how the environment affects thermal

Student 8
Learned: The plates being the same temperature
Wants to Know:

Student 9
Learned: Playing with the thermometers and changing the temp quickly.
Wants to Know: If you can make the plates all a different temp besides room temp.

Student 10
Learned: Thought it was interesting that the plates felt different temps but were the same temps
Wants to Know: Is there a way to make the plates feel the same temp

Student 11
Learned:Plates felt different temps but were the same
Wants to Know:

Student 12
Learned: Plates were the same temp but felt different
Wants to Know:

Student 13
Learned: Plates felt different but were the same temp
Wants to Know:

Student 14
Learned: Thermal conductivity, plates felt different but weren't.
Wants to Know: How the moon will change after the lunar eclipse

Student 15
Wants to Know: How to make the plates feel the same temp

Student 16
Learned: Hot water has the same affect on cold water but change at different rates
Wants to Know:

Student 17
Learned: Combine two temps and they will always be at an equilibrium temp but not in the middle
Wants to Know:

Student 18
Wants to Know:

Student 19
Wants to Know:

Student 20
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Wants to Know: What about the lunar eclipse appear red.

Peer Instructor
Learned: Difference between solar and lunar eclipse
Wants to Know: Do lunar eclipses come at different intervals

Peer Instructor
Learned: Why we wear gloves
Wants to Know: What did people think about the red moon a long time ago

Peer Instructor
Learned: Learned that the lunar eclipse is going to be happening four times in the next couple years, called a lunar tetrend and the blood moon is what happens when light from the sun hits the earth's atmosphere and refracts and the red and orange light hits the moon but the blues are filtered out.
Wants to Know: How the weather will affect moon observations.

Wants to Know:

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