Student 1
Learned: Different materials transfer heat more and less easily.
Wants to Know: What's going on when you touch the metal compared to when you touch Styrofoam?

Student 2
Learned: Powerful ideas about why materials are all the same temperature but feel different.

Student 3
Learned: All of the new powerful ideas.
Wants to Know: Why is it that the metal conducts heat so quickly?

Student 4
Learned: Conductivity is a property of all of the objects.
Wants to Know: Why does the density effect the conductivity of various materials?

Student 5
Learned: Different materials transfer heat in different ways.
Wants to Know: I'm wondering what we'll be using the temperature probes for.

Student 6
Learned: I was reminded that things that seem obvious to us may be confusing for kids.
Wants to Know: Can you use the probes in ocean waters in different places?

Student 7
Learned: I learned about ways to control water temperatures.
Wants to Know: I want to relate light and temperature together- I thought lighter surfaces would be warmer.

Student 8
Learned: Difference between insulators and conductors.
Wants to Know: I would like to use a pair of thermal goggles to see how heat and energy are transferred.

Student 9
Learned: Even though the metal plate feels colder to us, they're actually the same temperature as the wood and Styrofoam.
Wants to Know: Why does this happen?

Student 10

Learned: Materials' ability to absorb and conduct heat depends on conductivity.
Wants to Know: Density is a separate concept from conductivity.

Student 11
Learned: Metal conducts heat more quickly than wood or Styrofoam.
Wants to Know: If cold blooded animals could be a heat source as well.

Student 12
Learned: Metal conducts heat rapidly.
Wants to Know: More about the rate of change.

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