Exploring Thermal Phenomena Using Temperature Probes

We gave each of the groups two temperature probes to use for open exploration. They used different and the same amounts of hot and cold water to see what kind of graphs they could create. First, they created some fun designs in their graphs like steps, hills vs. mountains, m's and w's, etc.


Next, Emily asked each of the groups to explore one of the following prompts:

  1. Equal amounts at equal temperatures
  2. Equal amounts at unequal temperatures
  3. Unequal amounts at equal temperatures
  4. Unequal amounts at equal temperatures

The students used the temperature probes to first measure the temperature of the water in each of the cups, then as they combined the water in a larger cup, they also put both of the temperature probes in the larger cup.

Each of the groups created wonderful graphs using the temperature probes.


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