Student 1
Learned: How fabric affects how much light is reflected
Wants to Know:

Student 2
Learned: New terms like angle of incidence and angle of reflection
Wants to Know:

Student 3
Learned: About the light sensor and how it works
Wants to Know: Who will be looking at our websites?

Student 4
Learned: You can learn a lot through the natural curiosity of people
Wants to Know: How you can create a straight line on a graph measuring lux

Student 5
Wants to Know: Is the light still traveling in a straight path to objects, or can objects be absorbing some of the light?

Student 6
Learned: Color may not always be the most reflective (example: yellow and pink weren't very reflective)
Wants to Know: I'd like to experiment with glass bottles.

Student 7
Wants to Know: Why do colors make such a big difference in how light is reflected?

Student 8
Learned: Light changes a lot
Wants to Know: How strong does a light have to be so that we could see it reflected from the table?

Student 9
Learned: Angle of incidence = Angle of reflection
Wants to Know: How using different textures would change our graph

Student 10

Learned: “Reflectivity” in smooth surfaces
Wants to Know:

Student 11
Learned: Angles with the mirror and flashlight
Wants to Know: If you organize materials lightest to darkest, could you design how your graph looks?

Student 12
Learned: Colors and texture both affect how light is reflected
Wants to Know: Why does color affect how light is reflected?

Student 13
Learned: About open exploration
Wants to Know: I want to experiment using more textures

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