Student 1
Learned: sun clock
Wants to Know: if we will see moon again

Student 2
Learned:moon gets smaller, angle between sun and moon gets smaller
Wants to Know: better with sun clock

Student 3
Learned: times changed
Wants to Know: how long will the new moon last

Student 4
Learned:new moon follows same path as sun
Wants to Know: when moon is closer to horizon, the tip of the moon

Student 5
Learned: moon rise setting
Wants to Know: does the full moon last longer than the night

Student 6
Learned: rising, transiting, and setting of lunar cycle
Wants to Know: what write about for book

Student 7
Learned: different times for moon cycle, where moon will be
Wants to Know: when will see moon next

Student 8
Learned: how to predict moon cycle
Wants to Know: learned, but still not 100% comfortable with finding moon times

Student 9
Learned: transit time, didn't know that was high in the sky
Wants to Know: how to engage all students in activities for discovery days

Student 10
Learned: sun clock, how to use it
Wants to Know: how rising, transiting, setting times change within seasons

Student 11
Learned: know when times moon rise, set
Wants to Know: how discovery days will go

Student 12
Learned: 8 moon phases
Wants to Know: sun clock, how the angles work

Student 13
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Learned: new moon is behind the sun- the angle is 0 degrees
Wants to Know: excited about thursday earthquakes

Learned: passed graduate, TA- ending sessions with students student teaching , what did you learn today, and what are you learning -
Wants to Know:

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