Student 1
Learned: mathematical representation of the change in temperature
Wants to Know: still wondering about the specific heat of other objects

Student 2
Learned:got a refresher, a new way to represent it
Wants to Know: what's going to happen when we use something other than water

Student 3
Learned: about how if the sun is one side of the moon, it shines on the other
Wants to Know: what would happen when we have different specific heats

Student 4
Learned: how to calibrate a thermometer
Wants to Know: wondering in general about this stuff

Student 5
Learned: I learned about temperature today, a little lost, learned that energy lost is energy gained
Wants to Know: know more about this particular subject

Student 6
Learned: how to make a math equation for thermal phenomenon
Wants to Know: more about specific heat

Student 7
Learned: how to make the math equation
Wants to Know: more about different materials

Student 8
Learned: about the moon and the sun, sun shines on the same side as the moon
Wants to Know: a lot, a lot of this is jumbled after today

Student 9
Learned:how to guess how much the water will change with ratios
Wants to Know: when there's a full moon, how far will the sun be

Student 10
Learned: a lot, making the graphs more solid in my head
Wants to Know: being able to process all the math

Student 11
Learned: how to make the equilibrium happen
Wants to Know: if we will be able to retain this later

Student 12
Learned: how to read your comments on your homework
Wants to Know: the angles of the moon and the sun

Student 13
Learned: the relationship between hot and cold water, how much they change
Wants to Know: how hot and cold water does that, what's the difference between hot and cold and why it does that

Peer Instructor
Learned: this class caught on to the moon observations much faster than my own class did
Wants to Know: how to better teach math relating to physics

Peer Instructor
Learned: refresher on all this stuff
Wants to Know: hoping we see the full moon and the angle it produces

Learned: this is a lot to do in one day, you were great with the rainbow last week
Wants to Know: which is the better way to teach, experimental or theoretical

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